Management and Governance of the MAEF

The MAEF will be managed by a Fund Secretariat based within Self Help Africa in Zambia. The Secretariat will be headed by a Fund Manager who will manage the Fund’s activities and also monitor the implementation of projects to be funded through the MAEF.

Because Self Help Africa values and believes in ensuring transparency and accountability at all levels of its work, the Fund will be supported by a panel of Advisors. The Advisory Panel will comprise of four volunteers Advisors, from Malawi and Zambia, two from each country.

The role of the Advisory Panel members will be:
• To provide strategic direction to the MAEF secretariat, including updating them on emerging issues and changes within the sectors and the environment in which the fund is operating and advice on appropriate strategies to integrate MAEF supported projects into other agricultural development initiatives in their respective countries.
• To represent MAEF in relevant forums within their respective countries, clearly articulating the needs of smallholder farmers in a competitive and changing global environment.
• To proactively publicise and promote MAEF to increase interest in the fund amongst stakeholders.
• To review and comment on Concept Notes and full Project Proposals submitted to MAEF for support.
• To critically examine short-listed proposed projects, including undertaking field visits to project sites to verify the capacity and capability of project teams to successfully undertake the work;
• To undertake monitoring visits to selected funded projects during implementation and report back to MAEF on progress and emerging issues.