Mtukula Fund 2012


Self Help Africa is now launching a call for concept notes for the first round of grants from the Mtukula Agricultural Enterprise Fund. This is for a Competitive Value Chain funding stream and the theme of this call is women farmers in the agricultural value chain. Self Help Africa is looking to fund projects that will enable women farmers to access profitable markets in Southern Africa.

The Mtukula Agricultural Enterprise Fund (MAEF) will award grants of up to £80,000 for 3 years to initiatives with the greatest potential to help small-scale farmers to achieve self-sufficiency in the long term. The fund aims to develop initiatives that support small-scale farmers to adopt appropriate new technologies that can: improve their traditional farming skills and increase their agricultural productivity; add value to their harvest through improved post-harvest handling and simple agro-processing techniques; and bring their produce to profitable markets to maximise their gains.

The Competitive Value Chain Funding stream aims to generate, deepen and sustain socio- economic impacts by investing in innovative agricultural technologies that maximise the potential to improve agricultural productivity and agri-business opportunities that can be scaled-out and replicated successfully by smallholder farmers. Concept notes should focus on enabling women farmers to exploit market opportunities along product value chains for specific proven technologies. This could be through value addition, processing and/or improved access to profitable markets and participation in those markets. The fund will consider all agricultural and livestock related-technologies which have already been tested under farmer conditions and whose viability and socio- economic potential is at least partly established.